Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yoga on Koh Phangan Information

Lunar Flow Yoga, Solar Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga Detox classes in a  beautiful open air studio directly on the beach!

Outside picture of the Yoga Hall

Class Times:
Every Tuesday @ 5 pm:  Lunar Flow Yoga

Every Wednesday @ 11am:  Yin Yoga; Kidney Detox

Every Thursday @ 5pm:  Solar Flow Yoga

Every Friday @ 11am:  Yin Yoga; Liver Detox

Every Saturday @ 5pm:  Lunar Flow Yoga

Every Sunday @ 11am:  Solar Flow Yoga

Class Descriptions:

Yin Yoga Detox : Every Wed & Fri 11am

Purify and balance your Kidneys or Liver with this blend of Yin & Yang Yoga. Each deeply meditative class, targets and releases energetic blockages in the body through specific postures held for longer intervals to allow for profound inner exploration and detoxification

Every Wednesday @ 11am Yin Yoga Kidney Detox Class:
balances and purifies fear, lack of inspiration, energy depletion, excess mental stimulation, laziness, sickness and depression.

Every Friday @ 11am Yin Yoga Liver Detox Class:
balances and purifies anger, frustration, resistance, indecision, resentment, physical toxicity, and fatigue.

Lunar Flow Class Every Tues. & Sat. @ 5pm
Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga encourages deep inner peace and harmony. Emphasis on breathing techniques and alignment principles to restore and heal the body/mind.

Solar Flow Class
Every Thurs. @ 5pm and Sun @ 11am
Energizing and vigorous Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Degree of difficulty is determined by the students’ needs. This class will exert the body, still the mind and encourage you to deepen your practice with creative Sun Salutations and challenging Asanas. Ending each practice with Pranayama and guided Meditation.

Blue Ocean Garden in Srithanu on Haad Chao Pao Beach beside La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant and Pirate Bar on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

300 baht per class
or 2500 baht for 10 class pass

All levels are Welcome
Space is limited please call Patricia to reserve your spot today!